Saturday, August 9, 2008

'When virtue has slept, it will arise all the more vigorous.' Friedrich Nietzsche

Hum Along

with love stuck up on a rooftop
selfish sits alone inside a car
and 3:15 comes oh so early
why's hope got to be so hard

cat's cradle lies in virtue's
lull in a winter year
sometimes i feel i'll only lose you
who'll hold your hand once i'm not here

now jealous rages, waits impatient
sleeps alone in broken beds
desire's hid between some pages
not written down but in my head

with the light in august waning
scattter-crow shots break the still
in truth mercy knows no manhood
until cunning makes a kill

when compassion leaves the station
taking all your love in vain
wrap yourself in wolf's quilt-blanket
against the wind of passing trains

heart of darkness stay in shadow
and cup some laughter in your hands
when advice can't find a welcome
that's when you need to understand

i will build a house of temperance
i will build a house of bright white snow
i will plant a garden ripe in moral
i will plant a garden so you know
that the fruits of all our labors
like the Fallingwaters' rains
ease the sting of separation
that endurance must sustain

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