Saturday, August 9, 2008

'Shakespeare never did this.' Bukowski

Build Your Own Stage

be or
not to be
to smile without knowing
to sing for one's supper
to go kicking against the pricks
to act up and out and otherwise
to laugh in the face of it all
to scream into the waves breaking on the beach
to sit in the slow of summer turning to autumn
to count the leaves as they glide to winter's cold ground
to hear the quiet flight of each snowflake falling from the sky
to light a fire beneath a canopy of frozen blue stars
to wait for the krokus to push through spring's thaw
to fly with the cardinal from where you stand
to breathe deep the lily of the valley
to climb a mountain because it's there
to start down a slippery slope
to suckle august's humid dew
to swim the sea
to walk alone
to be

that is the answer

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