Saturday, August 9, 2008

sdrawkcab slleb meht gnir

The Fog Across Ivories

ring them bells
make the sound of rain

and failing
the promise of a
haiku in a cloud

the grass keeps growing just outside this window

and forgetting
the vows of a
sonnet on the wind

the grass still growing just outside this window

cold days from a birdhouse
summer didn't show today

'the nature of things...,' she said and more
but the statement stood alone

there beneath a sullen umbrella
the drops in mime, reminded

the shadow taste in my mouth
your salt/sweat/sugar gone

behind her eyes twilight sulked
waiting for autumn leave(s)

a man
hollowed, harrowed
climbing steps
of a widow's watch
through leaded glass
the blur of your face
a piano note
a rosary
a Saturn
Every Breath You Take
in the condensation
of a window

ring them bells backwards
(sdrawkcab slleb meht gnir)

and slow the fog across ivories
eclipsing your sun-sung smile

photo by d. frechard

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