Saturday, August 9, 2008

In Suspect Terrain


i threw a rock
into the air
(it passed across childhood, gaining height)
i watched with one eye fixed on clouds
while hands busied their mud idols

rain fell from an aging sky
dissolving boyhood dreams
washing low
effigies near my feet

i threw a stone
skipped endlessly
(beyond waters where i was baptized)
i watched with heart held breathless
while beating paths to the other shore's edge

hail fell from an unforgiving sky
pummeling teen angst desires
denting deep
wishes left in wells underfoot

i threw a boulder
catapulted desperation
(between the poles of wonder/wondering)
i watched for the crush and flight of birds
while running for cover in the soft of her flesh

gravel fell from a sky so scarred
purifying through bruise blue pain
marking moments
where footprints anchor an arm in motion

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