Saturday, October 25, 2008

ce n'est pas une poésie

I Am Strange Loop

no memory of
being born

my father remembers,
but now forgets my name

back to the beginning,
before " I "

not a recovered memory,
but a keepsake

a photo,
painted by light

of my mother,

of what was,
what wasn't yet

an image preserving,

the moment for me
via feedback loop

from now to then,
to here and now

in utero,
with no name to forget

a child,
a heterarchy

more than memories,
moments imbricating

that my father
may forget, elide

though they will
come to pass

a birth, a death,
a strange loop

i will remember

Inspired by
Douglas Hofstadter's book, I Am Strange Loop,
and René Magritte's painting, The Lovers.

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