Friday, October 17, 2008

abeyant, kinetic, cathectic

As A Matter Of Course

a star about to become a sun

love burns in a ring,
the pageant turned boxing match
bleeds a blood bruise under the eye
of a homecoming queen

car collides with a clock,
time slows to tenths of seconds,
impact like a photograph
still in a bath of developer

heart sounds a train whistle,
steam engine lurches anodized
along night cooled blue steel
rails against the world

RNA fingerpaints a DNA footprint,
awaiting feral, valent reproduction,
a frozen embryo anticipates the heat
of passion to burn a brand

the broken bone will heal,
the dead flower will seed

the grass will crack concrete,
the sugar will erode enamel

energy on the brink,
like an icy kohoutek burning across a sky,
hands simultaneously capable
of strangulation and caress

pride lies down with lions
loyalty fords a swollen river
humility erects a temple

pride betrays a trust
loyalty turns a blind eye
humility fashions an ego

the star collapsing to become a sun

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