Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Architecture Can Forget / new poems 2010

Anchors Hold

rooms breathe -
inhale the cyan blue of dusk,
exhale the zinc white of the sun
as darkness brings lightness
to the weight of the world.

our cumbersome flesh can
knock over such a quiet night.

you asleep and i still/sitting,

both trying not to disturb
this quiescence.

anchors hold
these hearts.

submerged and shifting dampers
pull sunken piano notes
from shadow fathoms.

i try not to move,
ripple this room, a tranquil sea,

listen instead to you, the night

the two of us, weightless,

20,000 leagues below daylight,
beyond heartache.

our son, who one day will drift beyond our reach -
clinging to us even as he dreams

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