Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No Architecture Can Forget / new poems 2010

Leaves Tremble

these days
even the autumn leaves tremble
indiscernibly at first
but as the brittle night breaks
against dawn's stone light
the shudder of dew betrays
the slightest of movements
to an unfolding eastern sky

safe between cotton barricades
we ride out fall's first frost
listening closely to the sighs
of once flush foliage's soft capitulation
as we steel ourselves
for the winter we know
is waiting with His still breath
beneath the rustle of dead leaves
carpeting nearly forgotten summer lawns

and so to save
the memory of once lingering heat
we bury our love
under our dreams still rife
with the colour of spring
and prepare to sleep away
the days where even decay
forgets its own mortality

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