Saturday, November 15, 2008

atlas shrugged

Only Footprints Left Standing Where The Whole Of Me Once Stood:
A Part Of Everything / Apart From Everything (part 2)

Tear me apart.
Remove my vital signs.
The beating, bleeding, breathing
Buried along with my bones beneath
The woods I walk,
The winds I wander,
The water I wade.

Release the seed of tender loins
To fertilize the humus and loam below terra firma.
Unleash the soul from rib cages
To ascend escarpments hung above cloud banks.

Ring the ringing from my ears
And fill the silence surrounding
The hush of snow's soft falling.

Peel the whisper from my lips
To slip as hiss between
The diaphanous drops of rain.

Pull teeth,
Conjoin their chatter
To the chitter of crickets.

Pluck eyes,
Throw them to the dark,
Blind depths of the sea.

Spill guts,
Shout secrets aloud
Echoing off canyon walls.

Tear me limb from limb,
Wrap my arms around the waist of this world,
Lay my hands across the hips of her equator,
Lift my legs upon the shoulders of her mountains,
Stretch to reach to rise to break beyond her stratosphere,
So what is left of me might scatter amidst the stars,
Where I am a part of everything, though apart from everything I was,
Now only footprints left standing where the whole of me once stood.

photo by ac nagl

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