Saturday, November 1, 2008

come together

One and One and One Is Three

Lying in bed beside you,
lazy in the silk-spun light
of November newly arrived,
the absolute off-white of our ceiling
becomes a kaleidoscope of mathematics
as I search for an algorithm to define
how we possibly ever came together.

Pythagoras, Euclid, Fermat
weigh heavy on my mind,
wondering how they might weigh in
on such matters of the heart.

Their formulas, theorems, equations
all pulling apart latitudes, longitudes,
dates, times, minutes, miles
looking for an answer hidden
behind the numbers or
perhaps within a beautiful mind.

My head across your lap, ear pressed to flesh,
the kaleidoscope breaks apart over my head
as the rejoinder becomes superfluous
to the sound of our hearts' syncopated beat.

Chemistry and Biology quietly stepping in
to save Mathematics just as I look into your eyes.

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