Saturday, September 27, 2008

In Memory of James E. Adams

In Nome Del Padre

ghost of your father's faint voice
barely sonorous across telephone wires,
inspiring an impulse to listen for,
and take particular note of,

the broken keys of a piano played without sound,

talk amongst the trees and the whispering of roots,

a world away raga purifying the profane of sacred rivers,

structures of silence and the hum of suspension bridge cables,

the compressed white noise of air through an open car window,

the coda and reprise, coda and reprise of wind across water,

the scratch of a richter scale while climbing gravity,

love at last's suspire settling upon fields of forel,

the fluttered heartbeat of 8 weeks in utero,

the two syllables of your name,

the call of the cardinal,

its ghostly reminder
of a father gone
but not forgotten

photo by thomas paul goertel

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