Wednesday, September 24, 2008

begin the begin

Creation Myth / The Sea Refuses No River

the end is the beginning,
seven oceans empty into me and all becomes connected

the vastness of the sea inside me freezes solid,
stolid world slips away

ice lies impatient
awaiting the upheaval
of crustal heat
from a woman with child
wandering a shore no more,
bending slowly,
a bundle in her arms,
a bundle within her
warms my frozen hands
as they command
rivers running backwards
to take leave of their beginnings,
and begin again sculpting channels
into a congruent Pangea
in congruence with

Love's hot water breaking

thawing me,
flooding me,
freeing me,

carrying my ancient oceans
to the newborn sea


Rachel Goertel said...

Love this!!!

Leftcoastman said...

Saw your comment (next to mine) on Josh Haden's blog. Good stuff! You a Billy Collins or Joe Eszterhas fan?

Best of Providencs,


j.h.goertel said...

Eszterhas, very much. thx for the feedback. greatly appreciated. new posts all the time.

best/the Big gortowski