Thursday, September 25, 2008

fire, walk with me

Memorizing Fragments Of Light As She Falls Asleep

walk on,
through this hollowland,
sleep escapes on this road
out of nowhere,
no turning back now,
deserts' certain death
becoming distant
in silvered reflections
on either side,
mirror-moves leave shadows
for exhaust,
walk on,
ghostly, emerging exhausted
mid-second act and abandoning
5 hours, 24 days, 9 months, 1 year and near a decade
along with a world too weary to spin another step

and so I stop before it can
and stand in the absolute zero of silence
watching skies turn to indian paint brush,
burning memories upon a snow-borne bonfire,
healing bones fractured under the weight of disbelief,
freeing caged birds from rolled up sleeves,
memorizing fragments of light as she falls asleep
in this hallowland

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