Monday, June 20, 2011

All The Suns, So Far / new poems 2011

The World Is Not Enough

Don't turn away,
the world is not enough
with her blue Eden,
her black-eyed beauty
hiding her betrayals
better than I can my own.

Safe and sound,
hold the ocean
while I rest a while
upon sand we ground together
with our bare hands,
blood palm hearts.

Stretch, reach the sky
and its foggy stars
before the morning breaks
the sunset's fading promise
of never-ending night,

Seek my shadow
hidden somewhere
in the dim of a hardwood stand,
where young love once
carved a cardinal song
for us to hum.

Bury our dream
beneath the path worn
by our unintended pursuit
of something beyond the tangle
of want, where need lies down
to sleep between our souls.

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