Sunday, May 8, 2011

Her Cautious Auburn Beauty / new poems 2011

En Far Melankoli

Late spring whetted with emotion

My small boy sleeping,
I hide the world for the time being

A lump wells in my throat,
The lies of my own childhood splitting chapped lips

Take me by the collar and pour me out,
The stammer of my recorded voice betrays me

His mother inadvertently shaming saints,
The snow tomorrow patient enough to wait today

I will hold the shadow of his ego in my hands until dawn,
Between beats my heart stops to sob

The hum and only the humming,
Apparitions, folk songs out of thin air

Nordic landscapes linger,
I cannot escape my dead relatives' dreams

The emotion of years hangs frozen,
I walk awake the night alone with the stars

Cover his slight frame with fleece,
May has forgotten her promise

In my mind I wake him,
We will listen together to Schumann before he becomes a man

I cry quietly exhaling condensation,
I too was once this small and smiling, fragile sun

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