Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Canvas / new poems 2011

I Part The Lemongrass

sifting the seasons for respite, calm, surrender,
i part the lemongrass, thrust my once young face
into summer's warm wind, into autumn's dull decay,
into winter's low light, into spring's green garden,
discovering a cache of old promises built upon
premises of constant movement, perpetual motion,
and in stark contrast to my old soul's
complete indifference to kinetic progress;
finding more in the simple, narcotic fragrance
of the overgrown lemongrass at my stationary feet,
inhaling a reverie of still, stolid, and salient reflection
upon a quiet found future tucked into a cotton pocket
for purposes of safekeeping from the cruel of a calendar
and its marked, methodical and ironic disregard for time
and the promises a young man had no time to keep.

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