Wednesday, June 10, 2009

prince of light

The Summer Sun We Are Stalking (Vampire Winters Slain)

Walking between the spring blooms,
the sweet-wet-sour of humid baby's breath
embroiled in thick air, hanging like a garland of garlic
worn 'round the neck, warding off, if only for here and now,
all the sleeping-vampire winters we have slain to arrive alive
at this brief eternity, a promise of immortality taunting us, teasing us
with a coo, with a sigh, with a bat of an eye from this little prince of light -
The longest day of the year still on its way, like a shining white shield
against blinding darkness, against the deaths we almost forget,
remembering all too well the night's closing blooms instead -
The full moon's blood-let pale, glow illuminating
the footprints between we leave behind,
our steps gone west without them,
carrying on, carrying the son,
following the summer sun
we are stalking -

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