Saturday, May 30, 2009

deepest sleep, widest awake

An End, A Beginning

you grow more distant
as the sun draws closer
as you draw the son closer

the world at an end
the world at a beginning

i seem lost in a dream
as the night falls fast asleep
as the day breaks before I wake

counting out loud
the hours between now
and the hot white light of
around-the-clock exhaustion

my aversion to chaos
buried in the blurred waves'
tumbling, crashing ingemination
upon a fuzzy and wobbling horizon

lines drawn between you, me,
and a forever setting sun drooping
in a soft and fluid sky where there is
no demarcation between day and night,
you and me, sun and stars, moon and tide,
son and mother, father and son, husband and wife,
two are one inside this little magnet pulling, drawing
the sun closer, nearer to night, pushing us further apart
as i dream in deepest asleep and you dream in widest awake of

the world at an end
the world at a beginning

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